Awards and grants

Funded Projects

2017-19: Australian Research Council, Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, Can Indigenous fire management forestall an extinction crisis? $372,000 (Nimmo)

2017: Australian Research Council, Large Infrastructure and Equipment Funding (LIEF) grant, Australian Acoustic Observatory: A network to monitor biodiversity. $900,000 (Roe, Watson, Fuller, Parsons, Bednarz, Brereton, Schwarzkopf, Nimmo,van Rensburg, Maron, Sheaves, McDonald, Luck)

2016-17: Australian Academy of Science, WH Gladstones Population and Environment Fund, Compact cities or sprawling suburbs? Optimal design of growing cities to conserve biodiversity $24,000 (Nimmo)

2016-17: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Automated call records evaluate frog responses to environmental water $30,000 (Wassens, Nimmo, Hall)

2016-18: Herman Slade Foundation, Can Indigenous fire management restore mammal communities? $86,000 (Nimmo, Bird, Bird, Ritchie)

2015-17:  Herman Slade Foundation, Can landscape properties enhance the resilience of biodiversity to climatic extremes? $86,000 (Nimmo, Bennett, Radford, Haslem)

2015: Department of Land, Water and Planning, Faunal fire responses in mallee ecosystems, $40,000 (Ritchie, Nimmo)

2014-16: Parks Victoria, Fire ecology in the Grampians, $60,000 (White, Cooke, Nimmo)

2014: Parks Victoria Research Partners Program, Trophic ecology in Wilson’s Promontory, $30,000 (Ritchie, Nimmo)

2013-2015: Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (Deakin University). $222,000 (Nimmo)


Awards & Fellowships

2016: Young Tall Poppy Science Award, Australian Institute of Policy and Science

2016: Wiley ‘Next Gen’ Award for excellence in research in Australian ecology by an early-career researcher, awarded by the Ecological Society of Australia

2016: Nancy Mills Science in Parks Award, for fire ecology work in the mallee, awarded by Parks Victoria

2016: Finalist for the Eureaka Prize in Environmental Science as part of the Mallee Fire and Biodiversity Project

2015: Nancy Mills Science in Parks Award, for long-term fire ecology work in the Grampians National Park, awarded by Parks Victoria

2014: Finalist for the Eureaka Prize in Environmental Science as part of the Mallee Fire and Biodiversity Project

2008: Competitive scholarship with Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists

2005: Best honours student, School of Life and Environmental Science, Deakin University